Syria: US-Led Coalition Killed Civilians – Talking with Waqar Rizvi, Scope Indus News

On Scope conferring with Waqar Rizvi and a panel of experts talking about civil casualty on Syria War, and recent International events – Indus News Pakistan TV.

Appiano Antonella - Syria, Scope - Indus News

As a guest speaker of Waqar Rizvi, conferring with a panel of experts on recent International events in the SCOPE, a program of ”Indus News Lahore”, an English language International TV News Channel, based in Pakistan.

In this episode: Syria: US-Led Coalition Killed Civilians; Israeli Atrocities in Palestine.

With the participation of Analysts/Experts: Ahmad Jamal El-Ahmad, Antonella Appiano, Dr. Ilia Xypolia, Jafar Ramini, Yousef Ghaben, Youmna El-Sayed.


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